Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mobility Movement - Crossacks

The what?

The who?

You heard correctly, the crossack baby.  What in the world is the crossack you ask? The crossack is one of the best bang for buck mobility exercises.  It combines an adductor stretch, hip flexor stretch, and glute med. stretch all in one fluid movement. 

First you start by doing a lateral lunge - Feet pointing forward, take a big lateral step and press your hips back. 

So your now in your typical groin stretch, stay for a 2-3 count, and then shift/turn your body 90 degrees toward the flexed leg while keep the rear leg straight. 

You've now transitioned into a lunge postion, getting a deep stretch in the hip flexors.  Again hold for a 2-3 count, and finally shift/turn your body another 90 degrees, so you end up in what I call a pretzel position. 

Alright I know it's hard to explain so just have a look

As you can see from the video, there is also a 2nd progression that really focuses on incorporating some thoracic rotation and extension. 

You can't beat all the aspects the Crossack, you hit the groin, hip flexor, abductors, and t-spine.  You can't beat all the bang for buck components of the Crossack.

Give it a try today!

Go Get 'Em

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