Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cressey Performance Seminar Review

I promised I would give a little review of the presenters from this past weekend, so here it is. 


Eric Cressey - Cracking the CrossFit Code

  • CrossFit is here to stay
  • The Good parts - Camaraderie, social environment, variety, compound movements, interval training over aerobic work
  • The Bad parts - Low barrier of entry, lack of assessment, one sized programs, advanced movements performed under fatigue, poor coaching, for speed rather than technique
  • Differentiate yourself from CrossFit by being a better coach.  Perform assessments, create an incredible environment, get results, and continue your education
  • Then Eric went into some shoulder mechanics and anatomy.  CrossFit can be a bitch on the shoulders, and he went on how to assess the shoulder, educate upward rotation, clavicular angles, elbow valgus/extension, scapular position

Brian St. Pierre - Insulin: The Hormone, The Myth, The Legend

  • Does excess calories cause obesity/high insulin or does excess carbs cause high insulin/obesity
  • The rise of carbs = bad is at an all-time high, but is it true
  • Insulin is a hormone release from the pancreas after ingestion of carbs and PROTEIN
    • One of the many hormones involved in fat storage
    • Insulin tells you how full you are and how much body fat you have
    • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Insulin permits fats storage, it does not regulate it
  • Many factors come into play in terms of obesity, it's not so simple as carbs
    • Social Factors
    • The foods energy density
    • Taste
    • Satiety of Food
    • Cost of Food
    • Where We Live 
  • Exercise create a physiological environment where carbs have an increased utilization
    • Increased Insulin sensitivity and increases protein synthesis
  • Insulin Resistance doesn't equal obesity; Obesity equals insulin resistance
  • Best Carb Choices include - rice, potatoes, fruits, veggies, quinoa, squash, sprouted grains/breads
  • Every meal should include a protein/meat (33%), a veggie (33%), a quality fat (16%), and a quality carb (17%)
  • Focus on whole, natural foods that are minimally processed

Mike Reinold - Integrating Corrective Exercises with Performance Enhancement

  • Keep closing gap between rehabilitation and performance
  • Feel Better - Move Better - Perform Better
  • Corrective Exercises will not always work, why?
    • Poor Assessment
    • Picked the Wrong Correctives
    • Addressing Only Part of the Problem
    • You Jumped to Motor Control/Stability
    • Deeper Underlying Issue
    • Person is in Pain
  • Compounds of Corrective Exercises
    • Alignment
    • Mobility
    • Stability
    • Postural Balance
  • Corrective Exercise Strategies
    • Positional Relief
    • Release Postural Trigger Points
    • Inhibit Overactive Muscle Groups
    • Lengthen Shortened Muscles
    • Activate Inhibited Muscle Groups
    • Strengthen Synergistic Force Couples
    • Integrate Motor Control/Stability
  • Integrate with Pre-Training, Within Program, Post-Training
  • Reverse what the client does during their day
    • ie - sits all day, reverse that motion with the cobra stretch

Eric Schoenberg - The Role of Physical Therapy in a Strength and Conditioning Facility

  • How can you combine Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy?
  • Allows you to keep clients in-house
  • Physical Therapists
    • Need a grasp of exercise techniques and coaching
    • Better progressions to high level function
    • Not enough time spent on building strength
  • Strength and Conditioning
    • Better grasp on mobility and stability
    • Communication with rehabilitation outlets - PT's, Chiro's, AT's
    • Moving better IS a training effect
Chris Howard - Getting to Know Your Athlete

  • Learning Styles
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic
    • Each learn and progress through different modalities of coaching
  • We tend to coach/teach in the style we best learn, so be aware of not subconsciously favoring 1 learning style of the others
  • Temperament
    • Introverts - Like alone time, communicate in private, don't embarrass in front of group, listen to them,
    • Extroverts - Keep them on track, encourage in front of the group, focus their energy
  • Coaching Cues
    • Internal Cue - Focus is within the body or specific movement
    • External Cue - Focus on effect or outcome of movement, focus outside of body
    • Don't overload with cues
      • 3 Cues - <10% of success rate
      • 2 Cues - 35% of success rate
      • 1 Cue - 85% of success rate
  • Ask questions - Where do you feel this?  How does that feel?  Feel the difference?  Understand why we are doing this?
Greg Robins - Excellence in Group Training

  • Tough situation with a large variance of ability levels
  • Movement Quality, Work Capacity, Strength Training
  • Exercise Selections
    • Need to be easily regressed/progressed
    • Space
    • Equipment
  • Strength and building muscle are still the king in terms of overall fitness and body composition
  • Intervals
    • People love them
    • But not ideal for strength, coaching, and maximum effort
    • Most of the time just thrown together with no plan or progression - This can stagnate gains
  • Density Sets
    • Allows for greater strength work while also getting in metabolic work
    • Increases exercise coaching and technique
    • Allows for actual progression
  • Classic Organization
    • Your traditional strength work
    • Strength is king
    • Allows for mastering techniques and movements
  • People want to be worked hard, but this doesn't mean not to work smart
    • Elongated warm-up
    • Tissue Work
    • Cool-Downs
    • Assessments
    • Specific Correctives
Tony Gentilcore - Training Jane from Joe: Do Women Need to Train Differently Than Men?

  • Short Answer: No!
  • Society needs to change perspective on how women should train and look
  • Muscle is more dense than fat
    • Muscle is highly metabolic
    • Don't let the scale judge your progress
  • Women can lift heavy, move athletically, and work freakin' hard
    • Get out of mindset of pink dumbbells, light weights, cardio
  • Cardio
    • Can actually body fat as a productive mechanism
    • Hard on Joints
    • Decreases testosterone and growth hormone - which are essential for fat-loss and muscle gain
    • The more cardio you do, the more efficient you become at it.  This is good for performance but not if fat-loss is your goal
  • Pull-Up/Chin-Up is most women's #1 goal
  • Focus on posterior chain - glutes, hamstrings, hips
  • Training when pregnant
    • Exercise is beneficial for both the mother and child
    • Listen to your body
    • Caution against aggressive stretching - body produces extra relaxin which increases joint laxity
    • Be aware of blood pressures
    • Check this out for more

That's all

Go Get 'Em!

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