Saturday, November 30, 2013

6 Gifts For Broke College Athletes

It's shopping season, and if you know a broke college athlete, here are 5 holiday gifts that will make help them out.

1. Complete Band Set - This complete set has a variety of uses from adding resistance to lifts, stretching, movement training, shoulder care, and assistance to lifts. 

2. Kettlebell - The kettlebell is a workout in itself.  Great bang for your buck and an efficient tool to increase power, flexibility, and conditioning.

3. Science and Practice of Strength Training - This book is a must for all athletes.  It breaks down, in simplistic terms, the basics of strength training and sport performance.

4.  Better Sports Performance - Are we biased?  Yes, but this is a must for any and all serious athletes and coaches!

5. Fat Gripz - Grip is an important part to almost every sport, yet it is often neglected.  Well not any more, Fat Gripz can make any and every lift more difficult by challenging grip strength.

6. TRX - This suspension trainer allows you to train anywhere, and use your bodyweight as resistance.  Kill your upper body and spinal control simultaneously with this fun, effective bad boy.

Go Get 'Em!

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