Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Here - Better Sports Performance

After a few complications with our delivery process, we're finally happy to announce our book, Better Sports Performance is ready!

Table of Contents

   - Exercise Physiology
        - Definitions
        - Muscle Physiology
        - Energy Systems
   - Biomechanics/Anatomy
        - Definitions
        - Ankle/Foot
        - Knee
        - Hip/Pelvis
        - Spine
        - Elbow
        - Shoulder/Scapula
        - Joint-by-Joint Theory
        - Planes, Movements,
        - Lever Systems
   - Sport Performance Analysis
        - Program Evaluation
        - Athlete Evaluation
        - Common Dysfunctions
        - Exercise Technique Errors/Corrections
        - EMG
   - Training Plan
        - Supercompensation
        - Law of Progressive Overload
        - Law of Specificity
        - Volume, Intensity, Duration, Rest Periods
        - Periodization
        - Periodization  Models
        - Westside Method
   - Training Variables
        - Performance Fundamentals
        - Movement Efficiency
        - Strength, Power, Acceleration, Top-End Speed
        - Change of Direction, Landing, Falling Mechanics
        - Mobility vs Flexibility
        - Rest/Recovery Methods
   - Program Design
        - Pillars of Training
        - Sample Programs
        - Warm-Up
        - Finishers
        - Youth Training
        - Training Girls
   - Nutrition
        - Basics
        - Weight Gain
        - Fat-Loss/Health Essetials
        - Popular Supplements
        - Snack List
        - Shopping List
   - Books, Tools, Extra's

You can buy this 155 page book through PayPal or Amazon Kindle.  We suggest through PayPal, as the kindle edition as some alterations making the appearance a little different.  Either way, for only $4.99 this is a must. 

We made the price so low because we want to put out an affordable product for everyone.  I know when we were younger spending $50+ on book was a lot, so we wanted to provide something for the masses.  We promise you won't get a better bang for your buck and it is filled with both scientific based, experience based, and applicable information for any coach at any level. 

Buy your book now!
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