Monday, December 16, 2013

Holidays Gifts for the Weekend Warrior

The hardest person to gift for is the Workout Warrior.  Luckily I've immersed myself into their culture and studied them in-depthly to figure out what they really want.  They are a rare species, but they are the back bone of this planet, so gift them appropriately.


The all-in-one workout.  Get through a whole workout routine with just this piece of equipment.  Great for when time is short and need a quick ass kicker.

Better Sports Performance

Better Sports Performance = Warrior

Resilient T-Shirt

The workout warrior is the definition of Resilience!  Show it off with the resilient T-shirt!

The Grid Foam Roller

The Grid foam roller is the regular foam roller on roads.  Thicker, stronger, and with grooves to provide a deeper and more effective soft tissue release.  We all get old, but this bad boy will make those legs feel young again!


Curcumin is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and recovery tool.  If you pop Ibuprofen pills like candy, then consider curcumin.  It's safer, as effective, and doesn't inhibit recovery like Ibuprofen.

Hex Bar

Squatting deep and heavy isn't an option for all workout warriors, and that's where the Hex Bar comes in.  It allows you to still train the legs heavy, but doesn't put the stress on your body like a squat.  Get the best of both worlds with the Hex Bar!

Knee Wraps

If you are going to squat, consider knee wraps, especially if you are older or have a history of knee problems.  These wraps keep those puppies warm and stable when squatting, preventing bad things from happening.


There isn't anything much more Warriorish than pushing heavy shit.  Get the prowler, get pushing, and get nasty!

Go Get 'Em!

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