Thursday, May 1, 2014

Breakfast Reuben

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The classic Reuben is probably my favorite sandwich of all-time.  Some good ole 'kraut, corned beef, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on rye bread just can't be beat.  So when I heard about a breakfast Reuben, I was like whatttt...

Anytime I can mow down a Reuben, other than at dinner or lunch, it's a win-win.  This breakfast Reuben combines the classic Reuben but with a morning twist.

Instead of corned beef, this uses turkey.  Instead of rye bread, this uses a rye English muffin.  Plus we throw a gooey egg on top of it all and your taste buds have no clue how to handle so much flavor!

Let's take a look at this morning masterpiece.

The Culprits

Rye English Muffin
Swiss Cheese
Thousand Island Dressing
Egg (1)


1. Fry the Egg in a frying pan (sunny side up)

2. Toast the Rye English Muffin with the Turkey and Swiss Cheese in a George Foreman or Panini maker for 1-2 minutes.

3.  Put Sauerkraut on the sandwich, top with the egg, and finish with the Thousand Island.

4. Place in your food chomper and savor the deliciousness!

It's as easy as 3 simple steps, a quick breakfast option that is not only delicious but healthy!  Here are the nutritional facts...

Calories - 400
Fat - 18
Carbs - 30
Protein - 30

Go Get 'Em!

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