Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eating for Competition

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We get asked all the time by athletes, "What should I eat before a game or training?"  Well this is a loaded question and the answer comes down to a number of different things like - what are your goals, how long will you be competing/training, what foods do you handle well, what foods don't you handle well, what time are your competing/training, etc.

As you can see there are a number of different variables that go into an athletes pre-game, pre-workout nutrition.  Below we give some general recommendations for the 3-major goals we see from athletes - weight loss, weight gain, and maintenance/performance.

Some of the backbone of these recommendations are derived from Precision Nutrition.  They do a wonderful job of breaking down complex issues into simple strategies for everybody.  We've tweaked some of the principles, but the illustrations give athletes an easy understanding of what a quality pre-game meal should consist of.  

Plus we added some good information as to what an athletes kitchen should look like, supplements worth taking, and supplements to be wary of.  

Feel free to print off the handout and keep it with you before training and games to give you a huge advantage when it comes to performance!

1) Goal: Build Muscle and Size

Pre-Workout (90-180 Minutes Prior): Meal Shown Below or Protein Shake
During: Start Protein Shake
Post-Workout (Immediately after): Finish Protein Shake
Post (1-3 Hours After): Meal Shown Below

(Photo Credit: Precision Nutrition)

2) Goal: Maintain Body Weight, Sports Performance

Pre-Workout (90-180 Minutes Prior): Meal Shown Below
During: Branched Chain Amino Acids or Water
Post: (30-120 Minutes After) Meal Shown Below
(Photo Credit: Precision Nutrition)

3) Goal: Weight Loss, Leaning Out

Pre-Workout (90-180 Minutes Prior): Meal Shown Below
During: Water
Post: (30-120 Minutes After): Meal Shown Below          

(Photo Credit: Precision Nutrition)

Athlete’s Kitchen: One thing we've learned is that most successful athletes eat very common foods, day-in and day-out.  Some of these foods may not be the best tasting, but we've learned the most dedicated and successful athletes eat some combination of these 16 foods and a regular basis.

     - Cottage Cheese                          - Eggs                                      - Spinach/Kale
     - Avocado                                     - Chicken/Beef                        - Sweet Potato
     - Whey Protein                             - Tuna                                      - Greek Yogurt
     - Nuts/Seeds                                 - Natural Peanut Butter           - Oatmeal

5 Easy Principles of Sports Nutrition: 

1.  Eat Real, Whole, Unprocessed Foods
2. Eat a Protein With Every Meal
3. Eat a Veggie With Every Meal
4. Don’t Be Afraid of Fats
5. 90/10 Rule – Eat Right 90% of the Time, and enjoy/relax the other 10%

Supplements Worth Taking:
  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine Monohydrate 
  • Fish Oil
Supplements To Watch Out For:
  • Multi-Level Marketing Companies
  • Anything That Makes Extreme Claims – “Miracle Supplement”, “Most Effective Ever” - These are marketing schemes designed to over-exaggerate the benefit of the supplement as well as maximize profit while minimizing effective dose.  

Go Get 'Em!

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