Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Decked Out Gym Holiday Wish List

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It's that time of year again!  Holiday season is rolling around and everybody is making wish list's.  Here are some smaller things that we feel every gym would benefit from having.  These will take training to a whole new level and give you the best results.

Take a peek at what we're asking for this holiday season (everything is linked!)

So it's your turn, what on your holiday wish list?

1. Band Set - Every gym needs a good set of bands for everything from band resisted movements, stretching, movement training, assisted pull-ups, etc.  This is a great set for all your needs!

2. Slam Balls - Slam balls are great because they are virtually in-destructible and they don't bounce.  Great for beginners learning the basics of slams and med ball throw variations, but also great for heavy a** tosses and throws!

3. Dynamax Medicine Ball - Dynamax is the best "soft" medicine ball out there and the quality can't be beat.  They suckers can take a beating and don't falter.  Great for rotational work and for throwing against the wall. These are a must if you work with rotational athletes.

4. Bumper Plates - Bumper plates are a must for any gym or at least any gym that deadlifts, Olympic lifts, or hip thrusts.  These boys can be dropped and slammed without beating up your floor or bar.  A high quality bumper plate is a sign of a high quality gym.  Muscle Driver or Rogue are two of the best places to get quality bumper plates.

5. Glute/Ham Machine - The glute/ham machine is a must for training athletes.  Great for hammering away at the posterior chain and developing powerful glutes and hammies.  The puppies are second to none and while they can be expensive, something that all gyms need!

6. Foam Roller - We tell all of our athletes to try and get their hands on a foam roller at home.  Heck, they're only ~$12.00-15.00 and are something that will be used forever.  You only spend about an hour a day at the gym, and a foam roller helps to take care of the other 23 hours of the day to keep the body healthy and moving well. 

7. Chalk - We have a poster on our wall that says, "A Gym Without Chalk Is A Spa".  Enough said, get some chalk and move some heavy weights!

8. Hex Bar - Hex bar's are great for beginner's and those with certain anatomical features.  Plus they are easier on the body.  Need to have this specialty bar in your gym!

9. Heavy Kettlebell - Heavy kettlebells are great for swings, goblet squats, and various loaded carries.  So many options with this one tool, great to have for athletes.

10. Good Books - You can't beat a good book.  We love to read and feel it helps expand and improve all areas of life.  Pick up a good book and settle in for a great journey!  Here are some suggestions, some Strength and Conditioning, some business, some entertainment.  Enjoy

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