Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Wish List For Fitness Enthusiast

For all you out there that are athletes, fitness enthusiasts, own a gym, or just like to train like a animal... you'll love this list!

1. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are easy, efficient, and versatile.  Having a few KB's for your gym or basement is perfect for performing a number of great movements like swings, TGU's, goblet squats, cleans, bottoms up presses, etc.

2. Push Sled

Gotta love a sled/prowler.  We use it a ton for acceleration mechanics and acceleration work, but we also do a lot of work with it terms of conditioning or energy system development for both our athlete and general population.

3.  Hex Bar

Huge fan a the hex bar for a couple of reasons.  It's a much easier learning curve compared to straight bar versions and it tends to be much easier on the body, especially for OH athletes.

4. Swiss Bar

Another specialty bar that is great for OH athletes like baseball players, volleyball players, quarterbacks, etc.  The swiss bar takes a lot of stress of the elbow, shoulder, and wrist joints and a much better pressing option than a straight bar.

5. Plate Holder

If you have a gym, you need a plate holder.  Keep things organized and keep floor space open!

6. Squat Sponge

It's funny, we don't even use the squat sponge for the squat that much.  It gets much more use during glute bridges and hip thrusts, but the squat sponge is a must for these movements.  Keep those hips happy and thrust some heavy weights!

7. Weight Belt

Every gym should have a good weight belt.  Think weight belts are un-necessary... Read THIS.

8. The Morph Foam Roller

The Morph Foam Roller is a brand new product that was brought to my attention from the inventor, a fellow former NFL player.

This product is awesome and genius.  It's essentially a portable foam roller, that you can flatten and shrink down to the size of a pair of pants, so it can fit it into any traveler's bag.  Now there is no excuse not to keep your tissues happy while on the road!

(Photo Credit: Nate Lawrie)

9.  Adjustable Bench

Every gym needs an adjustable bench... enough said

10.  Fat Grips

Need an easy way to add some variety into your training... Fat Grips

Have pitchers, quarterbacks, golfers, lacrosse players who need grip strength... Fat Grips

Want to make inverted rows, pull-ups, farmer's walks feel like hell... Fat Grips

Go Get 'Em!

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