Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brandon LaVack Interview - Part 2

Here is the rest of the Brandon LaVack Interview.  If you missed part 1, check it out here!

5. How important do you feel proper progressions and test/re-test type steps are in programming and working with clients?

Proper progressions are crucial!  Overall I would say that this is something that though a concept everyone should understand, is not taken serious enough.  Many trainers will take their clients through these moves that their client has not right to be performing, as it "keeps the sessions interesting and provides variety".  Proper education would take care of this issue right off the bat though.  Variety can still be found without going above a client's ability.  Sweating to sweat is too often the mindset a lot of trainers still have going on.  You need to look at your client and realize that they can do.  Always modify if form is not on point. If the hips drop below the head during a push-up and they can't go through proper range of motion with the head staying in proper position then they have no right to be doing that current push-up variation.  Regress it and get them to learn to control their body then bump them back up.  This applies to any exercise, bad push-up technique happens to be a huge pet peeve of mine!

 6.  We've all made them, but what are some mistakes you made early in your career that you've since changed?

   This could go on for a bit because to be honest, there have been plenty of mistakes and many of which most of us have made at one time or another.  I would say that my biggest mistakes especially when first getting started were a lack of programming with a purpose.  I would toss exercises together because it seemed like a good fit, but the schemes resembled closer splits and appearances to bodybuilding workouts than anything else.  I learned real fast that this was not going to fly.  Not reaching out to someone who has been in the industry for a long time that is known for making great programs was also a mistake.  I spent a lot of time with trial and error, instead of nipping it in the butt by just asking someone who has been through the motions already and has a much better idea.
   Another big area that really stopped me from making an impact early and getting my career jump started right off the bat was sales.  I am a very talkative person, but the idea of selling a service which costs $99 an hour when I first got started was a little intimidating.  I figured nobody would pay that much for a workout, but this is where the problem lied.  I looked at as just paying for a workout, but didn’t take into consideration the experience involved of the trainer, the emotional component, or the value component.  It was all based upon the idea of them paying for a workout.

        7.  Thanks for sharing, I know alot of trainers who need to admit they have or are doing some things wrong, so they can continue to advace their education and effectiveness with clients!
   What are some things you're excited about in the future of the fitness/training field and for your professional career?

   There are so many awesome things happening all of the time. Every second I turn around there is new information coming out that allows me to do my job easier, which is awesome! I am really hoping that as a whole this industry can do a better job fighting the obesity epidemic. We are losing the war in a massive way. I am looking forward to meeting up with and connecting with tons of other fitness professionals this year, along with continue to better myself with my weaknesses. Working hard towards getting LaVack Fitness full website up and launched, as it is going to be a fun experience when finally finished. Also working on a game plan to be able to open up my own place down the road, I like the club I am at now but I want to have my own down the road. A facility where I can call the shots and build a community around my ideas and mindset towards where things need to be for change to occur! 

   Again a big thanks to Brandon LaVack for putting out such a great interview! Again visit his website LaVack Fitness and learn more about him! Go Get 'Em!

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