Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Thoughts

1. Football Beyond The Stats

I've mentioned this before, but want to reiterate it again.  Shawn Myszka's website breaks down the movement patterns, efficiencies, deficiencies, and biomechanics of NFL players.  Shawn does an incredible job of breaking down, and relating movement on the field to training in the gym.  Plus he questions the role and actions of NFL Strength Coaches.  To have been in an NFL Rookie Camp first hand, I can attest to the fact that not the training environment nor the warm-up, provided specialized or individualized protocols nor teaching technique.  I mean they're are dealing with multi-million dollar athletes, and they use generic, cookie-cutter stuff.  Doesn't make much sense.  But back to Shawn's stuff, I could read this stuff all day, so go check out his evaluations, especially if you're a Vikings or Packers Fan.

Clay Matthews
Deion Sanders
Tavon Austin
Randall Cobb
Chad Greenway
Harrison Smith
Cordarrelle Patterson

2. Calorie Really Just A Calorie?

"A recent study found that individual humans who ate, as part of an experiment, 600 or 800 calorie portions of whole wheat bread (with nuts and seeds on it) and cheddar cheese actually expended twice as much energy, yes twice, in digesting that food as did individuals who consumed the same quantity of white bread and “processed cheese product.”

While you can't discount calories and the basics of thermogenesis, the study further strengthens what many have been saying for years.  A calorie is NOT  just a calorie.  Two foods may be similar in calories, but the make-up of those calories is also important in our bodies hormone responses, metabolism, protein synthesis, nutrient delivery, etc.

3. Things to Read

Ines Subashka of Inspired Fit Strong recently asked me to give her my Top 5 Books For Fitness Professionals to Read.  She also asked some of the biggest names in the business to do the same.  It's funny because in the Sports Performance World, the rest of the people in that group are A-Lister's, while I'm a D-Lister.  Party Crasher! 

4.  Overweight Is Not So Great

Studies have shown if you’re obese or severely overweight, your life expectancy drops by 6-7 years.   Given today's life expectancy's, that's almost a 10% shorter life.  You can also expect to spend around $300-1700 extra on medical expenses every year.  (Peeters 2003; Tsai 2009)

5.  Coaches Eye

Coaches Eye is an awesome app you can download to record and analyze your athletes movements.  It's great because it can calculate joint angle, breakdown frame-by-frame, and replay video immediately.  It's an incredible coaching tool, all from your phone or tablet, and it's only $4.99.

5.  Female Athletes

Studies have indicated that females may be up to 3 – 4 times more likely to incur an ACL injury than males when playing the same sport (Grindstaff, 2006).  There may be multiple reasons for this, but a couple very important reasons are, lack of strength and control around the knee joint (especially the hamstrings), improper landing/deceleration mechanics, and often joint laxity.  All of these problems can be remedied with a proper training/fitness program that addresses these areas.  Check out our article on the topic HERE

6. Our Prezi's

Check out our little series of Prezi's HERE.  As the summer winds to an end, we here at BBA start loading our calendar with speaking engagements.  We have 8 dates already set for the fall, with topics ranging from baseball to rest/recovery to golf to nutrition to basics of sports performance (fire/police/tactile on the way too).  If you would like to schedule a presentation on one of these topics, or another topic, contact us at

7. Doubling Protein Promotes Weight Loss While Protecting Against Muscle Loss

"A new report appearing in the September issue of The FASEB Journal challenges the long-held adage that significant muscle loss is unavoidable when losing weight through exercise and diet. In the report, scientists show that consuming twice the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein while adhering to a diet and exercise plan prevents the loss of muscle mass and promotes fat loss." 

This supports what coaches have been saying for years, more protein = better results, no matter your goal!  Doubling the recommended RDA protein intake gets you closer to the gold standard of 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight.  If you're an athlete, you especially should be getting that proper protein intake.  Read the Article HERE

8.  Being Mean and Selfish Sucks

"We found evolution will punish you if you're selfish and mean," said lead author Christoph Adami, MSU professor of microbiology and molecular genetics. "For a short time and against a specific set of opponents, some selfish organisms may come out ahead. But selfishness isn't evolutionarily sustainable."

Moral: Don't be a dickhead.  That's why we give out FREE Assessments/Movement Screens to anybody at our facility!  Plus always putting out great, free information ;)

9.  Ohhh Goodness

1988 was a great year, both of us here at BBA were born in '88, so obviously it was an incredible year.  Well, unfortunately '88 just got bumped down a peg due to this...

10. Predictions

It's about that time of year to make some bold predictions, so here we go (BOLD team wins)

MLB World Series - LA Dodgers vs. Detroit Tigers
BCS National Championship - (Hurts to say it) Alabama vs. (Also hate to say it) Ohio State
Superbowl - Seattle Seahawks vs. Houston Texans
Fantasy Football - Team Dr. Tobaggan Mantis vs. THE WORLD!
2014 World Series - DA CUBS!

   *let us know your thoughts below or join our FB Page

11.  Sport Signs

Check out these hilarious sport signs

Go Get 'Em!


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