Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

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We've collected some random thoughts for you again.  Every couple of weeks we sit down and discuss things we're thinking about or have been seeing in our clients.  Now we bring them to you!

Better Sports Performance

On Tuesday the 19th we releasing our Ebook, Better Sports Performance.  Take a look at the outline

   - Exercise Physiology
        - Definitions
        - Muscle Physiology
        - Energy Systems
   - Biomechanics/Anatomy
        - Definitions
        - Ankle/Foot
        - Knee
        - Hip/Pelvis
        - Spine
        - Shoulder/Scapula
        - Joint-by-Joint Theory
        - Planes, Movements,
        - Lever Systems
   - Sport Performance Analysis
        - Program Evaluation
        - Athlete Evaluation
        - Common Dysfunctions
        - Exercise Technique Errors/Corrections
        - EMG
   - Performance Fundamentals
        - Mobility vs Flexibility
        - Rest/Recovery Methods
        - Landing and Change of Direction Mechanics
        - Acceleration and Sprint Mechanics
        - Nutrition
        - Training Youth and Girls
   - Program Design
        - Program Dynamics
        - Periodization
        - Warm-Up
        - Structure
        - Movement Development
        - Finishers
   - Books, Tools, Extra's

It's only going to be $4.99, and we feel strongly that you won't be able to find anything out there for this value.  Be sure to grab a copy when it comes out!

Go Get 'Em Challenge

On December 14th we are putting on our 1st Annual Go Get 'Em Challenge.  Come test your physical abilities in this fun, intense event.  Here are the events

   - Reverse Med Ball Throw for Distance (12lb for females, 16lb for males)
   - Max Sumo DL
   - Max Pull-Ups
   - Kettlebell Swing + Burpee Complex - 10min
   - Number Crunch - For Time
   - Obstacle Course - For Time

There will be a BBQ and social afterwards, and all participants will receive a t-shirt.  The entry fee is only $10, so come and compete, have fun, and see how you stack up in this Go Get 'Em Challenge!  Email us at to get more info and sign-up!

SLJ vs 3-Bound

One of the assessment tools we use is the standing long jump and repeated 3-bound.  We use these tests to help determine lower body power and elastic properties.  The traditional way of testing these qualities has been using the vertical jump and comparing that with a depth jump.  The problem with this is logistics.  Unless you have a jump mat, testing these numbers on a Vertec can be very time consuming and you need to adjust for each individual athlete.

To accommodate these issues, we use the broad jump, because it's easier to test and may actually be a better indicator to acceleration and speed (check out our NFL Combine reports below for more on that topic).

What we are trying to see is if they are more of a static athlete or elastic athlete.  One ratio we look for is their 3-bound compared to their standing long jump.  We are looking for athletes to have their 3-bound between 3.1-3.3x more than their standing long jump.  If the athlete is at this level or above, then we know that have pretty good elastic qualities and may benefit from adding more strength while keeping these elastic properties.  If an athlete doesn't exhibit these numbers, we know they need some elastic work.

One thing to look for is how smooth the transitions are between each jump.  The athlete should "roll" into each jump in a smooth, efficient manner; not an abrupt, slow manner.  Just by watching the athlete you can get a pretty good idea of which end of the strength/static - speed/elastic spectrum they are on. 

NFL Combine - Bigs
NFL Combine - Power
NFL Combine - Skill
NFL Combine - Intro

VooDoo Band

Here at BBA we like use VooDoo bands with our clients, and see many benefits.  The VooDoo band is popularized by Kelly Starrett and his usage in his Moblity Wod.  The only problem with VooDoo bands is they don't have any literature to support their benefits, hence their name VooDoo.  The ideas behind VooDoo bands are all speculative, but to be honest, we don't care, it works for us and our athletes. 


Here's some of the ideas behind the use of VooDoo bands

   Myofascial benefits
   Compression, shearing of tissues to help reduce swelling, improve tissue health, and ROM
   Restrict blood flow, and then pump fresh, nutrient rich blood back in
   Involves various systems - skin, connective tissue, muscles, joint capsule, nerves, blood vessels

Shoulder Movement
We train a lot of baseball players here at BBA, and part of our assessment is to see how their whole upper body work together during OH movements.  To ensure we get a good look at all the intricacies of this we have the athlete take their shirt-off and look at a few things

     Upper trap involvement
     Rib expansion
     Lumbar Extension
     Scapular movement, symmetry, resting position
     Clavicle Angle


Land and Decelerate

One of the biggest areas that we feel most athletes need to learn to do, is to learn how to land and stop.  We all want to build bigger engines and go faster and faster.  But if you don't have good breaks, then injury is inevitable.  We take a lot of time developing correct landing and deceleration mechanics in our athletes. 

We also do this in a number of different positions.  Athletics require eccentric control in a wide variety of positions, and we try to put athletes in as many different positions as possible so they can learn how to control their bodies no matter what. 

Landing and deceleration is where most non-contact injuries occur, and it's because athletes don't possess the control and/or correct postures/positions in these positions.  So while we often see ACL prevention program work on landing mechanics, it's often just linear, and don't often involve lateral, rotational, single leg, split stance positions that are so prevalent in athletics. 

Take a look at some ways we do this here at BBA.

Grandma Power Lifter

Down Syndrome Power Lifter


Check out our Prezi outlines we deliver to various organizations on various topics

     Training for Baseball
     Training for Golf
     Nutrition for Performance 
     Rest/Recovery Protocols
     Fundamentals of Athletic Performance


Derrick Rose claims to have added 5 inches to his vertical during his ACL rehab.  He already possessed an incredible vert before hand, and now 5 inches higher!?  Mike Robertson breaks down how this might be possible and how he would approach D-Rose's rehab.

New Knee Ligament?

Interesting stuff here

Go Get 'Em!

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