Friday, January 17, 2014

Best Websites to Find S&C Jobs

I've asked and been asked what are some great online resources when looking for jobs, whether it be Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, and Sports Management/Administration.  Below are what I use and recommend for anybody looking for one of these careers.

Strength Scoop - The strength scoop gives all things Football Strength and Conditioning.   Everything from internships, Graduate Assistantships, Job Openings, and Recent hirings.  This is the BEST resource for those aspiring to work with football.

NCAA Job Market - The NCAA job market has everything from athletic coaching positions to facilities management to strength and conditioning.  Anything that has to do with working with an NCAA organization, the Job Market has it.

NSCA Jobs - The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the leading organization for educating, research, and certifying professionals, and they are also a great resource for job searching.

CSCCa - The College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association is my go to source for great S&C content - plus I feel their certification is the best in the industry.  They have a great list of both job and internship openings across the country and are truly about the S&C Coach.

NASM Jobs - The National Academy of Sports Medicine is another leading organization for education and certifying professionals.  Just like the NSCA they do a great job of helping professionals in this field find jobs.

Teamwork  - Team work online is not really for Strength and Conditioning coaches but more for anything and everything that has to do with professional sport organizations.  If you love sports, this is the place for you.  Merchandise, facilities, equipment managers, sales, sports information, security, broadcasting, and internships.

Strength Performance Network - Strength and Performance is a website that not only has a Job Zone down the left hand column of the website, but also puts out great articles, upcoming events, conferences, and videos.  It's an all-around great place for information and job listings.

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