Sunday, June 26, 2016

Protein Popsicle

Summer sessions are now in full swing and that means a lot of hot and sweaty training sessions.  We've found one of the best ways to maximize recovery and battle the heat is with protein popsicles!

These bad boys knock out 2-birds with one stone and the best part… They are amazingly easy to make!

It only takes 2 ingredients and about 5-minutes of prep time to get these things made

The Culprits
  • 6 Scoops Orange Vanilla Rec-4 Protein - Find it HERE
  • 4 Cups Orange Juice
  • Popsicle Sticks or Get One Of These Suckers


       1. Stir/Shake Protein and Orange Juice for about 30-seconds.
       2. Let Settle for another 30-seconds.

       3. Pour into your ice trays

       4. Stick in Popsicle Sticks and Freeze overnight

That's it!  When you finish your workout, open your freezer and viola… a cool protein popsicle is ready for you.

Each popsicle (in my trays) has about 15g of protein.  This all depends on how many ounces your ice trays can hold.  Try to shoot for about 12-20g of protein per serving.

The Orange Vanilla Rec-4 Protein is truly the best for this recipe.  It tastes like a orange push pop and it mixes well.  You can experiment with other vanilla or orange brands of protein, but they won't mix as well.

The other great thing about the Rec-4 is it's produced by Dietetic Advantage.  They get all their products 3rd party NLEA tested, so what they say is in their product - is EXACTLY correct!

This is especially important because just recently a research study came out showing how popular brands, such as GNC, Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Milk, Cellucor, and Isoflex, all mislabeled/lied about the amount of BCAA's in their products!  It's pretty sad when you pay for something, expecting to receive the labeled amount of nutrients and you get shafted by a LARGE amount!  You can read about that HERE

Not only are they the best in the market, but they're are also designed by BBA Nutrition Consultant Sean Casey and he's a stifler about the quality of products he puts out.

Go Get 'Em!

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