Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Episode #16 - Kendrique Coats: Youth Athletes and Athletes With Special Needs

Kendrique is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Track Coach in Pontiac, IL.  He does great work with many with youth athletes in his community and has a really refreshing look at how he approaches training young athletes.
A really special program Kendrique runs is his work with youngsters with special needs.  Kendrique started this program 2-years ago, and it's had a huge impact on him as a coach and person.  I think it's just a wonderful program he runs and very cool to see the impact Kendrique has on these young kids and the impact this fitness program has on these youngsters. 

Favorite Quotes

  • "Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives, that we forget how we can impact our athletes lives"
  • "Parents get bent out of shape trying to pursue an athletic scholarship, when they'd be better off trying to pursue an academic scholarship."
  • "Do you know if your athlete has sibling?  What their favorite music is?  When there birthday is?  What their favorite sport team is?  These things all play into athletic performance but often forgotten because X's and O's are more popular."
  • "Coach I bench pressed X-Amount of weight!  Well how does that improve your sport and overall movement quality?"
  • "Coaches need to be better interviewers."
  • "Our services include educating athletes and parents - Educating is the #1 thing I do with parents and athletes"
  • "How does getting little Johnny or little Suzy puking and beat tired making them a better athlete?"

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