Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekly Recap - Women's Edition

For this week's recap I'm doing something a little different.  I've done a nutrition edition and now I'm going to do a women's edition!  My girlfriend has been asking for info, websites, articles specifically catered to women by women, so I took the time to round-up the best I knew. 

I have two sisters, both were outstanding athletes and both went into the coaching, fitness, and athletics career field.  They are strong, independent, intelligent women who lead many by example.  My mom and dad provided great leadership and guidance for my sisters, but many young girls out there need more positive role models and women to look up to.  Sometimes they need more than just their parents, they need real, down to earth role models to guide them; not most of these wrinkly, dinkly models who could get knocked over by a stiff breeze.

I also had the privelage of working under Sara Wiley at the University of Minnesota.  Sara was named the NSCA National Strength Coach of the year in 2007-08.  She is an extremely smart and innovative coach, plus you won't find better prepared athletes than hers, and the results show.  She can also squat more than 90% of the guys I know, so she can kick some ass too!

Here is a great list of role models, sources, and information for any woman out there.  And this is not just for women, I reference many of these women for information week in and week out.  Truly a great list for ya today.


Girls on Target - Saree Zweifel.  I might be a little biased here because she is my sister, but screw it.  Saree runs her own business called Girls On Target in San Diego.  It's a program for girls (high school and younger) to develop fitness, confidence, healthy friendships, empowerment, and motivation.  She impacts young girls lives each and everyday in a profoundly positive way.  You should see the energy and passion she exudes, it's contagious. 

Girls Gone Strong - My girlfriend loves this website and the message it uses.  She prides herself on being a girl gone strong, and trust me when she punches me I feel it! 

Five x3 - Emily Socolinsky - Another great website that promotes strength and intensity for women.

Liz Dialto - Liz stives to changes peoples lifestyles, and create a life of self-improvement and happiness with yourself.

Sirena Bernal - Great website for nutrition tips, recipes, and workout ideas.

Eat, Lift, and Be Happy - Neghar Fonooni.  Preaches to enjoy life, and everything in moderation.  Don't need to restrict or limit yourself in anything.

Survival of the Fittest - Jen Sinkler big on natural movements and being in touch with the nature.

Julia Ladweski - A mom who is also a world class powerlifter.  Gives great advice in becoming as strong as you can be, and not being afraid to move heavy weights.  You'll be amazed how strong you can be.  She was also a college strength coach for years, and now directs Parisi's youth speed school.

Molly Galbraith -  Co-Owns J&M Strength and Conditioning.  Amazing resource, continually puts out great, fun info.  Truly a source I look to week in and week out.

Nia Shanks - Her sites called lift like a girl, great info and she has a program called the Beautiful Badass that promotes you can be strong and powerful, while not giving up your beauty.

Loving Fit - Tatianna is an ex-professional figure skater.  She focus' on something she calls Unit Training, basically creative full-body workouts.

Cassandra Forsythe - Cassandra is a expert in nutrition and female fitness.  She has her doctorate in exercise science and is a registered dietician.


Jennifer Petrosino Interview - Elite FTS

Get Your Period Back - Cassandra Forsythe

Strength Through Female Eye - Lauren Brooks - How strong are you?  Here are some standards to compare just how strong you are.

Tales of a Fit Mom - Julia Ladweski

Why Women Should Lift Heavy - Nia Shanks

5 Strong, Smart, and Sexy Female Fitness Phenoms - John Romaniello

Being a Woman is Not a Disabilty - Amy Wattles

What Women Should Never Do When Getting In Shape (Part 1 of 6) - Juliet Deane

Somebody Doesn't Belong
Go Get 'Em!

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