Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Recap - 4/12/13

Posting this Week's Recap a little earlier than usual, because we have a busy weekend.  So get prepped for the weekend with this list of great reads. 

Spring weather is turning around, suns starting to pop out, oh it's a great time of the year!  So get some vitamin D and get some knowledge with these links below and be sure to check out our 2 articles from this week

Interview with Paul Fabritz
11 Random Knowledge Bombs

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Ok let's kick it off!  Enjoy!

Derby City Crossfit - I've talked about Derby Crossfit before, but thought I should bring them up once again.  If you haven't been to their site, then go NOW!  DCC is quickly becoming a site I go to everyday, I always need to check out the 4-6 articles they link; they always cover diverse topics and articles from sources I would never find on my own.  Not only that they put together daily WOD's, with appropriate scales or progressions for the varying levels of the athlete.  I have never been to their gym to see how it runs first hand, but I can tell you if I lived in the Louisville, Kentucky area I would make sure to head over to their gym.

Yoga and Fitness Classes For Girls - Girls on Target - Want to change a young girls life?  Then watch this video on how Girls on Target is slowly changing the scope on youth girls fitness.  Spread this message, and build a generation of strong, fit, united women.

Conditioning: Are You Doing It Wrong - Molly Galbraith - Awesome overview of conditioning and energy systems.  If you are an athlete, this is a must.

The FMS and It's Relevance in Sports Performance - XL Athlete

How to Stay Consistent - Scrawny to Brawny

Girls Who Play Sports Are More Successful - Natasha Hawkins

Why Breakfast Is Nothing But A Scam - Dangerously Hardcore

Reflections on Reflections: Mirrors - Frank Forencich

13 Harsh Reasons Why You Aren't Succeeding - Joel

10 Articles for Expecting Moms: How to Exercise During Pregnancy - Breaking Muscle

Surprising and Substantial Effects of Peppermint on Exercise - Breaking Muscle

Hamstring Mechanics During Sprinting: Insights - Breaking Muscle

10 Nutrition Tips You Should Be Following: Part 1 - Molly Galbraith

Considerations in Olympic Style Weightlifting - Rob Panariello

Quick and Easy Ways to Move Better - Greg Robins

How to Build an Awesome Gym Culture - Mark Fisher

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