Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Recap - 4/21/13

Hey, Hey BBA Nation!  Another Sunday means another Weekly Recap.  Have a lot of great stuff for you today, so settle in a enjoy!  Also be sure to check out this weeks post

Anatomy Lesson - Foot and Ankle

Also check-out the article we had posted at Tabata Times - Early Specialization?  Think Again!

Ok, enjoy!

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Middle of the Road - Harry Selkow

A Lion In Iron: What Are You Afraid Of - Alexander Cortes

The Individualization of Team Training - James Smith

Conditioning: You're Doing It Wrong - Molly Galbraith

Considerations of Olympic Style Training on Athletic Performance - Rob Panariello

Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Lumbosacral Pain As It Relates To The Hip Thrust and Glute Bridge - Dr. Conrad Stalheim

Not Your Average BS Core Training - Ben Bruno

Fascinating Facts About Sleeping - TC

Your Job Makes You Sit? Fix It With MobilityWod - Great site for youth athletes.  Run by researcher Dr. Avery Faigenbaum, he provides great info on how youth athletes should be trained and progressed.  Check it out!

Safegaurd Your Shoulders - Keith Scott

10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids - Tessa Miller

10 Eating Styles Explained - Ashley Fleming

The Three H's - Morrill Performance

Knowledge and Nonsense: Food Like and Dislikes - Jamie Hale

Zero Drop: Think Before You Drop - Gait Guys

37 Ways to be a Badass - Chris McCombs

Bridging the Gap Between Yoga and Movement - Amanda Patti

Book of the Week - How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie - Many of you have probably heard of this book, as it is one of the all-time best sellers in literature history.  Written over 70 years ago by Dale Carnegie, it is essentially the first book on success and the information in this book still rings true today.  In a nutshell it goes over
   - 3 ways to handle people
   - 6 way to make people like you
   - 12 ways to win people into your way of thinking
   - 9 ways to be a great leader
Simply this book is a must for anybody who is in the business of working with people.  It will help you influence and impact your career in a number of ways.  Check it out!

Video of the Week - Try Something New For 30 Days - Matt Cutts

Alright have a great weekend and be sure to sign-up for BBA Updates!  As always Go Get 'Em!

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