Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Elite Performance Podcast #10: Jeremy Frisch - Youth Speed Demons

Jeremy Frisch is the owner of Achieve Performance in Clinton, Mass. Achieve Performance caters to athletes ranging from young athletes (6-7 y.o.) to college athletes to adult athletes. Before opening Achieve Performance, Jeremy spent time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Holy Cross working primarily with the basketball team. 

Jeremy's youth program - Speed Demons - is a wonderful youth training program and the things he does with his youth athletes are amazing and very important given the nature of our youth/adolscent population. So we talked about his goals when working with youth athletes and where he derives many of his philosophies for working with young athletes. We also discuss some of the fun tools he uses with his young athletes such as mini trampolines, obstacles, gymnastic mats, balance beams, rings, etc.
Since Jeremy is a business owner, we also discuss life of a gym owner and the pros and cons of owning a gym. He talked about some of the hidden things that go into owning a business and some traps young gym owners probably fall trap to.

Finally we talked about a topic close to both of our hearts - Division III athletics and some of the misconceptions about playing sports at the DIII level.

This was one of my favorite talks and Jeremy keeps it real and puts things into perspective during this great episode.


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